While reading through the changelog for Beta 4 earlier the stand out change is that the native YouTube App has been outed. First off I thought wow, this spat between Apple and Google is really getting silly and again it's the end user that is loosing out.

After thinking about it for a while though, I then wondered would anyone actually care? The Internet certainly seems to care as just about every site you go to is leading with this story.

The YouTube app for iOS is pretty terrible. Once it was great but everything has moved along at its usual frantic pace and now and it has been left behind.

The interface is outdated and there is still no way to stream HD content like on the Android version. The new iPad has a higher resolution than the the Plasma screen in my living room but you'd never think that watching even “HQ” clips from YouTube on it.

Android tablets have very few native applications that could claim to be superior over their iOS counterparts but the YouTube app is certainly one of them. I'm a big fan of YouTube and the Andorid tablet and phone version is a joy to use. Videos stream to match the quality of the screen on the device you are using so if you have a 720p screen, videos will stream in 720p. It's simple and clips look great.

If losing the native app from iOS means we'll see a version similar to that available on Android appear in the App Store, this can only be great news!

Let us know what you make of this news.




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