A very simple idea, but this is an app that opens up an extra functionality on your phone, making you wonder why it wasn’t there is the first place!


In the past Wifi networks usually offered greater connection stability and bandwidth so phones are setup to use them as first preference over mobile networks, when available. These days with mobile network speeds increasing (in some cases!) it is not always the case for everyone that Wifi will be stronger.


Super Download looks to take advantage of the potential mobile speeds available and allow you to download a file using both Wifi and Mobile connections at the same time.

While this won’t be an advantage to everyone with the way mobile coverage can be so poor indoors, it will offer a great speed increase under the right circumstances using resources that you already have, but just haven’t been available to you.


The App is still in active development with more features being promised in the future. There is a Full and Lite version available to download from the Market.

check out the source link below for full details and instructions.


[APP][2.2+] Super Download 0.9 – Super fast using simultaneous Wifi + Mobile! – xda-developers



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