According to the Samsung Mobile blog, SamMobile , Samsung are hard at work readying an Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy SII, SIII, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II.

The information was allegedly provided to them by an “insider” who has produced reliable information in the past.

The update for the SIII is said to be at a final stage and should be released at the end of Q3 or early in Q4.

The rest of the devices are penciled in for some time in Q4.

If this is the case it will represent a big change in the amount of time we usually have to wait for OEM’s to release major updates to Android. Jellybean was touted as being the update that would put an end to major delays seen in the past and while ICS has been somewhat quicker than Gingerbread it still has been comically slow leading to more aggravation and perceived fragmentation.

Of course this will not mean that Networks will automatically follow suit and release updates for branded phones but at least they won’t be able to use the excuse of waiting for the manufacturers to release them.

Most of the other manufacturers have announced that a selection of their phones that will be receiving an upgrade to Jellybean but none of them are doing anything to inspire you with confidence of delivering it in a timely manner.

Hopefully Samsung is about to break that trend!



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