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When given the opportunity of presenting on behalf of their boss, people can feel very anxious. This opportunity can be viewed in several ways.

Maybe the boss is really not available, or he/she just wants to provide people with a valuable opportunity to grow and develop skills in a new area. The boss can even want to test someone in a pressurized situation.

An opportunity of this kind has to be seized the right way.

“Good speakers impress, great speakers influence behaviour”
Mark Sandbourne, NSA President, 2004

It is essential to be prepared the right way, therefore several questions must be answered. Who is the audience and who in particular do you need to impress/influence? What is the purpose of the presentation?

A good presentation will have three main goals;

Inform the mind, touch the heart and change the will.

The audience must be informed of technical information, it will lead to a greater understanding. They must also be emotionally attached to the speaker’s proposal as facts inform the mind and emotional attachment gets them to act.

Generally the businesses with the capacity of evolving in time will survive and thrive. The speaker must be able to convince the audience to change their way of thinking to his.

“Change is the law of life.
And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”

John F Kennedy

Presentation skills might be the key to a futur success.

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