By Niamh Graham, Vice President of Global HR at Globoforce

Ireland has become a hot-spot for technology companies. As the Irish economy picks up and continues to grow, attracting and retaining top technology talent has never been more important. With so many technology companies in Ireland now, they are all in competition with each other to attract and retain the cream of the tech crop.

Hiring new talent is a significant cost to a company and the time devoted to undertaking a recruitment process can be very demanding. So, what can organisations do to ensure that employees stay fulfilled and happy within their jobs? Here are the five things that Irish technology talent want when seeking employment.

  1. A positive culture and a more human workplace

Culture is a word that has been bandied about a lot over the last number of years. The idea of “culture” is one of the things most sought after by applicants.

More and more companies are looking to develop a strong positive culture knowing that it attracts and retains employees, drives engagement across the organisation and can increase employee satisfaction. Organisations with a central focus on culture also reap the financial benefits, as it encourages productivity and affects performance.

Culture is often misrepresented. Your company may have the infrastructure in place: pool table, bean bags, hangout spots, lava lamps and espresso machines but that does not define an organisation’s culture. Ultimately, it is the people who create and uphold the company culture by embracing its core values.

Every organisation has a set of values that guide every decision that is made – from the way employees interact with clients to the types of products they sell.  Core values are ingrained in the fabric of an organisation’s culture.

Your employees will embrace your culture better if the core values are well-communicated. If new joiners experience it from day one they are more likely to embody it as they grow with the company into the future.

  1. Making a Positive Impact

Your employees are the best advocates for your organisation. They need to feel excited about the products they work with day-to-day. If they feel like the product they are selling or working with is interesting and impacting the lives of people positively, they will be more inspired to work on it. Having interesting work to do and innovative technology to help you do it is one of the key motivators in today’s workplace. It is one of the reasons we see technology talent coming to Globoforce today.

Your office is your local community – it’s not just an office. With the average person spending 39.2 hours in the office per week, engagement across different teams is very important – your colleagues become your friends and family, which in the end, will benefit your organisation in the long run.

To help build these relationships, activities outside of the normal working space can make a real difference. At Globoforce we’ve seen how much our teams appreciate getting involved with the charities including local animal organisations or tidy towns in Clondalkin near our offices. This helps our teams bond but also allows us to promote our culture and ensures employees feel proud about their company.


  1. Being appreciated and getting real-time feedback

The truth is that employees are no longer motivated strictly by money. They want to work at organisations where they feel appreciated, recognised and can be themselves at work.

Ireland ranks below the global average in positive employee experience levels according to the latest Employee Experience Index report by IBM and Globoforce.  The report, based on a survey of more than 22,000 workers in 43 countries, also found that Irish employees see meaningful work (27%) and empowerment of voice (22%) as key drivers of a positive employee experience.

A high turnover of employees is a major headache for companies and can have a significant impact on a company’s growth. According to the 2018 Society for Human Resource Management /Globoforce Employee Recognition Report, 47 percent of HR leaders cite employee retention and turnover as their top workforce management challenge, the third consecutive year this challenge has topped the list.

Appreciating and recognising your employees will boost retention rates. Allowing everyone in the organisation, including peers, to recognise and thank each other helps to champion the employee who emulates the right behaviours and can set a precedent for others in the company. A social recognition programme can help an organisation formalise a culture of thanks and will lead to increased productivity and stronger employee connections.

Another important practice is to provide more frequent feedback. Given the pace of today’s business, once a year annual performance reviews are no longer enough. Since priorities and business needs change frequently, it is important for both managers and employees to be in sync so they are striving toward common goals.

  1. Allowing employees to bring their whole selves to work

Every employee regardless of nationality, gender, sexual orientation, personality, colour or race should be empowered to have a voice, feel respected, have a strong sense of belonging, and comfortable bringing his or her whole self to work. This means companies encouraging their employees to be their true selves at work as though they would be at home and to build social connections and friendships within the company.

  1. Opportunity to develop   

Technology workers want the freedom to experiment. Companies need to respond to this by encouraging a ‘no blame culture’ where workers are given opportunities to be creative and are allowed to fail.  A culture of creativity and innovation will enhance a workforce and help bring new ideas to drive the company forward.

Managers should also embrace a growth mindset with the goal to develop employees and build them up for success, as opposed to simply managing them.

A culture of learning and development is a must for tech workers, who are constantly looking for the latest training and staying on top of the latest technologies

If organisations can identify these five core areas within their business, they’re onto a winning strategy for attracting and retaining top tech talent in Ireland.

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