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Driving Innovation to Mongolia, funding raising for Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice

Fifty shades of red, green, and blue: Black and white TV was banished 50 years ago this week

How to excell at Google Adwords, a Masterclass with Micheal Brennan at Amplify, Cork 27/28th

Weekly tech review

Your organisation has assigned you to run an “innovation lab”. Now what? By Alex Jiménez

Leadership: Empathy is key to successful Leadership

How Blockchain could impact on recruitment

Navigating around Ireland: Safehaven Marine sets new record in 35 hours!

Female footballers climbed Kilimanjaro to play the highest match in history

Energy Live Expo taking place the 2nd November in London

Novi helps O’Brien’s bring home the bacon with €450,000 IT investment

Woman can sue Facebook in British Columbia for impairment of Privacy

Canon reveals EOS 6D MarkII

Secure Computing Forum will be hosted the 21st September in Dublin

How the TV Show “Black Mirror” reflects our modern society

Key trends in data security, insights with Trevor Hughes, IAPP CEO

GamerFest 17 comes to Galway November 11/12th

Don’t let your Internet slow to a snail’s pace. Join the #BattleForTheNet.

Robots Podcast: Wearable bionic suits with Russ Angold

Why I quit the best job I’ve ever had?

Sam Maule interviews Michael Kent, CEO of Azimo

Twenty-nine summer reading suggestions

My CEO ‘Cheat Sheet’: 5 key areas to get right when leading a large business

The first virtual visit of a Whiskey distillery is now possible in Dublin Airport

Ticketing: It’s Time for Digital

10 Must-Have Apps for every Startup By Aidan Casey

Science Bus travelling across Europe to raise awareness

Generation Alpha: Will we be less human in 2043?

CORONA and PARLEY to end sea plastic pollution

How to deal with an office bully? By Colm Cavey

Startup decelerator – Menorca Millenials’ third edition

Tech Firms and Business: Get Set, GDPR!

Rise of the machines: Russian-made robots taught how to shoot

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