By Oscar Michel, Masters in Journalism, DCU.

From the 1st to the 15th of June the third edition of Menorca Millenials, the world’s first decelerator of startups, took place.

Website here.

A short explanation of why a deceleration is needed for startups is given in their advertising video:

“It’s time to decelerate so you are able to accelerate
You need the calm before the storm.
You need to slow down to be prepared to speed up
You need a startup decelerator
You need Menorca Millennials
Menorca Millennials, The World’s First Startup Decelerator”

Menorca Millennials consolidates its proposal and methodology of deceleration, which is based on the development of personal due diligences to secure investments.

Top figures such as Tim Draper (DFJ, Draper Associates and Draper University), Martin Varsavsky (Fon, Jazztel, Prelude Fertility), Alden Mills (former Navy Seal of the US), John Keagy (GoGrid), Tim Varner (Roost) and Verne Harnish (Entrepreneur’s Organization) decelerated with the companies. 20 startups fro 12 different countries have had 720 meetings with experts to help them to analyse and evolve their business models.

The methodology of deceleration focuses on the performance of human  due diligences to really get to know the team behind every company and evaluate its skills and capabilities to accelerate and secure investments. To do so, the program focuses on inspirational workshops, informal chats, engaging 1:1s and unique activities to enhance the personal relation between startups, experience makers and investors. Marcos Martin, cofounder and CEO at Menorca Millennials: “In this third edition of Menorca Millennials we have strengthen our community, which is unique in the world, and Menorca Millennials has proved again the effectiveness of the development of human due diligences. Our methodology increases the possibilities of added-value investments”.

A very wide sector of businesses were represented in this event such as biotechnology, recruitment, sports, automotive, travel, music and fashion.

Special sessions on how to persevere and never give up were guided by Alden Mills from Navy Seal of the US. As well as a paelaa competition in which they had to cook a paella and see how they manage chaos.

List of companies:

AdHeat (US), Docuvo (UK), Eccocar (Spain), Electronic IDentification (Spain); Eximap (Finland), Hubrix (France), HypeHash (Sri Lanka), Ictiva (Spain), InsideDNA (Netherlands), JNB Music (Ireland), MeetYourTalent (Spain), Mercaux (UK), MUrgency (India), Piligrim XXI (Russia), Social Internet (Israel), Swapp (Spain), Swarms Technologies (Germany), Team EQ (Spain), Vudoir (Spain) and Weplan (Spain).

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