Here are another 25 companies to look out for at Dublin Tech Summit which starts Wednesday 15th.

#Startup100: Linkilaw’s Rundown of the 100 Innovative Startups At Dublin Tech Summit 2017!

The 100 innovative and disruptive startups have been chosen to exhibit at Dublin Tech Summit on 15-16 February 2017 have the power to create something unique and potentially life-changing.

Brainey App

Niamh Malone is the founder of Brainey App and an inspiration. After suffering from a brain injury, it took a while to settle back into life. Although she was recovering, she realised that she unfortunately wouldn’t be able to go back to work and created this app to help others in her situation. Currently in its early stages, Brainey App has the potential to make big changes to many people’s lives.


Sanctifly is an Irish startup whose primary goal is to give people the opportunity to stay fit while traveling, flying in particular. Sanctify offer an app which gives you access to luxury spas and specialist gyms in more than 50 locations in the US, UK and Ireland. Amongst their partners are large airports such as the New York’s JFK, London Heathrow, Boston Logan and Los Angeles’ LAX.


Ever wanted to use solar power in your home but didn’t know where to begin? EnergySage is the marketplace to help you! Users register the complete a property profile.Then EnergySage screens the panel installers suitable to an individual’s needs and compiles quotes. The installers compete with each other price-wise. Consumers are then free to compare the quotes and pick one. Although the service is only available in the US at the moment, with the ever \-increasing awareness of renewable energies and reduction of pricing worldwide, this has the potential to succeed in other markets worldwide.

Medi Mee

The ability to readily access medical information could be the difference between life and death, The team at Medi Mee have developed an app which allows users to upload and store emergency information (such as medications, allergies, illnesses, etc) that is instantly accessible to emergency services.

Tuk Tuk Cartel

Tuk Tuk Cartel is an unconventional NGO that connects volunteers to innovative projects in underdeveloped regions. Corporate employees, freelancers, independent professionals, or anyone with an entrepreneurial skillset who is looking to disrupt the status quo can participate in local construction activities, educational workshops, and all kinds of adventurous activities.


CoinaPhoto is a marketplace of photos made by photographers. A photographer signs up with either Facebook or email and then uploads photos to the marketplace. Those photos are bought by people for use and the photographer receives a portion of that sale. Users can engage with other in contests.


DwellDown is a brand new startup, getting ready to launch in 2017. Its aim is to create a platform that will allow tenants to rate the quality of accommodation. Their hope is that his data will reduce renters risk and thus, allow future renters to understand what it is like living there against the rent.


Property Basecamp is a startup which aims at building an entire ecosystem, allowing Ireland-based companies who recruit employees from abroad to source rental accommodation for their employees. The focus of the company is on saving time, money and energy to both companies and individuals looking out for accommodation.

Gathering information about the location, number, and state of crops can be very difficult if done by foot or tractor. Inspection of wind turbines and power lines for defects or problems can be very time-consuming and dangerous if done by humans. tracks assets via aerial imagery that is cloud-based and reports on assets automatically by positioning, measuring, and tracking them; cutting time down and making the process less dangerous.

Business Showcase : Raven Beauty App

Raven App

Raven App is an app that allows users to book professional beauty freelancers to their home, hotel, or office. Raven aims to provide a premium service, notify consumers when appointments are confirmed or due and allow users to enjoy their life without taking time out of their busy schedule for beauty by allowing customers to book an appointment when and where they want. Raven will take 10% of the income that is earned through the app by each professionals.


This is a community of professional doctors, surgeons and other medical experts who contribute about medical topics. Imagine a big medical library written by many medical experts. Decimals is an acronym that means Define, Epidemiology, Clinical Picture, Investigations, Management, Applicable Evidence, Love to Show Off and Summary.

Hub Controls

At Hub Controls, you are in complete control of your energy bills. With their smart software and hardware, they have developed an efficient and practical smart thermostat to meet your needs.


This startup is a multi-channel engagement platform that allows businesses to communicate and engage with customers over any messaging service on any device. A business’s brand is its reputation – and with Meebler, businesses and customers can create a brand that is caring, innovative, trustworthy, and reliable. By giving consumers control of how and where they receive messages, engagement and opt-ins increase, businesses work in their best interests by taking control over who they connect with, how they connect with these people, how the information is shared and how and where messages are received.

Secure Code Warrior

Secure Code Warrior enables developers to master secure coding techniques in different development languages and frameworks with hands-on, interactive learning scenarios. By giving hands-on challenges where software design and code needs to be analysed for security weaknesses, the developer is giving the opportunity to learn exactly how to deal with security weaknesses.


BetterExaminations allows students to review any state exam paper for different topics and academic levels. Users can personalise their profile with the subjects they want to focus on and can access notes written from another student’s perspective.

Felix Homework Tutor

This startup has created an online math tutor that is powered by an artificial inteligence by the name of Felix! A student takes a snapshot of their work, and the image is then scanned and understood by Felix. Felix then chats to the student, explaining in simple terms how to get the correct answer.


LifeStats is a web app that aims to help people through the use of big data and statistics. The app uses datasets such as historical trends, census data, water quality, and more to help make better decisions about travel. Thanks to NFC tags, QR codes or web beacons LifeStats can be pushed to a user in an unintrusive way.


Technologia y Personas is a company dedicated to offer tech and consultancy high value-added services to both organisations in predominantly Spanish-speaking countries. Their expertise range from large scale project management to programming for a variety of industries, such as finance and insurance, health, retail and consumer as well as media. Technologia y Personas already have an established client portfolio with clients in Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.


Food Marble

Food Marble have developed a product called Aire. This product is a breath test device, that along with the app, can help you find the foods that are more compatible with people’s personal digestive system. The first step is testing how the gut responds to common carbohydrates like fructose and lactose. Then, it constructs meals and snacks from foods that suite the unique digestive system. Lastly, one can track food intake, gas levels, stress, and sleep.


Phrames is a new app that allows the users to take a new type of photo or video. With Phrames, users can easily record a sequence of images and interact with their smartphone. Phrames works by taking many different frames and putting them all together. Then, by simply swiping to the right or left, the different frames will move.


Traveling has gotten a lot easier thanks to Timescenery. It is an online travel and time management platform. The platform uses Foursquare, RentalCars, Google Maps, Ostrovok, and many others as a base for an all-in-one solution. Users can share their trip so that everyone can repeat it otherwise, people can choose a ready-made one.

Business Showcase : WoofAdvisor

Woof Advisor

Have a hard time planning trips with your dog? Woof Advisor allows their users to simplify the process and make planning a trip with your dog a breeze. Pick a destination and browse the database of pet friendly accommodations, amenities, and services in that area. The trip planner displays options (dog-friendly beaches, walks, parks, vets, pet sitting, daycare, and pet boarding) along the route.


In the UK, ‘Bae’ is a term of endearment. Elsewhere, it means something completely different! Nimi helps you to choose the best name for your company, brand, or product by analysing how people react to your name choice across more than 20 countries – avoiding linguistic problems, embarrassing connotations or similar names.

Business Showcase : GolfBirdie

Golf Birdie

Have you ever wanted to play golf in a new country but are never sure how to judge if the courses are good or not? Pictures online sometimes might not tell the true story and Golf Birdie have the solution! “Golf Birdie is the first tee to green flyover guide of the world’s top golf courses”. Each course has a 4k resolution video that gives you the ability to see a course unlike anything you have experienced before. A person needs to simply download the app and search for courses they will have a bird’s eye view of it, with professional commentary and local knowledge!

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