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Describe the company

Raven is a brand new beauty App for busy women. From high-flying business women, to busy mums, Raven brings beauty to you, wherever you are without the fuss. It is an easy-to-use product that allows for maximum efficiency, Users can request an appointment then get back to their lives, being notified when the job is confirmed. You can choose from a vast range of luxury treatments from top professionals around the country.

How are you different

Raven is different from anything out there at the moment, bringing the salon to you, instead of the other way around. We are working at a five-star level by registering only the highest standard professionals from around the country. Raven understands that modern living requires change in how we make appointments and live our lives.

Why will the company do well?

Consumer expectations have shifted over the last decade. People have come to expect services when and where they want it and beauty is no exception. Listening and hearing women talk about their jam-packed schedule and working to make their lives easier, more convenient and moving with modern living is a catalyst for success. I have also worked within the beauty industry for 18 years so have grown a huge network of some of the best professionals in the industry.

Where are you based?

I wish I could say some amazing office somewhere, but I have been working on this for the guts of a year out of my small apartment. When I make my first million I will mail you from the penthouse…

When was the company launched

The company was just launched this Monday, I had set up some social media and a hosting site to generate interest and start to build an audience about two months ago.

What are your biggest wins to date

Raven has been operating as a concierge service over the last few weeks through social media and the website. This has given me the confidence that it can and will work. Getting the App finally built and launched has been may biggest win so far…

What type of people (market segment) are you trying to attract with your product?

Raven is aimed at women on the go. Busy women who want to simplify their lives without compromising on their style or beauty needs.

Tell us about your team

Firstly I worked with Danielle O’Connell from Good as Gold, she basically designed the whole look and feel of Raven and understood how I wanted it to be portrayed. She did all of the architecture and UX too. I then worked with her partner Lauren Higgs on my marketing strategy and they’re a great team, understanding what I wanted from Raven from the beginning.

What are your long term plans for the product/company?

I see Raven becoming a companion for the women of Ireland. If the system works, which I believe it will, I would envisage taking the product to other international markets. The design and development have been built with future operating systems and product releases in mind. It would be a relatively easy transition for us to launch on wearable devices so perhaps that’s on the cards after Android.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Oh there are many… I love my new MacBook, so light and easy. My iPad that I bring everywhere and I can’t live without my IPhone 6 plus or my Beats headphones. In terms of Apps I’ve grown dependent on Hailo and Uber, anything that makes life easier is a plus for me.

What tech gadget do you wish you could use to help you.

The fashion world is going crazy for the Apple Watch at the moment, I think I’ll be asking Santa for one in my stocking…

How can we get in touch with you

[email protected]

To download the iOS App:


Twitter @Ravenapp1

Instagram @RavenApp1

Facebook: Raven App

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