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Last year, Twitter spoke about how 2015 was going to be a big year for the social network and they appear to come good on that promise as they have started an aggressive expansion in the early part of the year.

The social media company started by revealing new features to appeal to current and new users, group DM’s and video features built into the Twitter app have been long overdue and Twitter has been keen to up its messaging game on the platform. Group DM’s should be a mere taste of what is to come.

Next Twitter made some slight yet significant changes to the layout of their mobile app by reducing the size of the profile pics in your feed, moving them to the top left of the tweet out of the way and allowing photos and videos to take up more space on the feed itself.

Twitter then went on and struck a deal with Google to show tweets in Google search results so now your tweets have an even larger audience than ever before. Twitter’s deal with Google is even more significant, given the Mountain View, California-based tech giant commands 75% of the web search market and remains the number one most-trafficked website globally. However you may now want to think even more carefully before you decide to tweet.

Twitter’s latest acquisition was confirmed yesterday as the social media network seeks to start making money from Vine. Twitter acquired Niche, a marketing start-up which helps land endorsement deals for emerging celebrities on the Vine service.

In case you may have not heard about Vine before the best way to think of it is that Vine is to Twitter as Instagram is to Facebook. Vine allows users to show off their creativity in video clips which are uploaded to the users profile and last no longer than 6 seconds.

Vine users are being increasingly enlisted by marketing companies to show off their products, Niche connects the two worlds of Vine user and marketing agency. Twitter will now be able to gain a share of the revenue on Vine following the acquisition of Niche.

There has been no monetisation efforts into Vine as of yet as the service really had no way to monetise before now. Social media companies have stayed away from being the middle man for deals between emerging stars and advertising companies simply because it is too messy. There are agents, contracts and the whole process can be pretty time consuming.

Up to this point, social media companies have enlisted the help of third party advertising agencies to do the dirty work of contracts and negotiations. However, by acquiring an ad partner, Vine is now bringing the dealmaking in-house.

It is a message to companies working with Vine starts, Vine owns the transaction. Twitter is serious about proving to Wall Street that it can make money, they have taken criticism for slow growth however they have managed to double year-over-year revenue almost every quarter since going public.

With an aggressive approach to expansion following the start of 2015, it will be interesting to see what moves the social media company decide to make next.

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