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Twelve South is not a company which tries to make multiple cases for multiple devices, instead, they are a company who have focussed on making unique and fantastic products for Apple devices which you won’t find anywhere else on the market. It is for this reason that they are a ‘go to’ product when you pick up a new Apple device and want some much-needed protection for it.

While there has been a heated debate over the years about putting a case on an iPhone or leaving it ‘naked,’ it seems as if that debate has taken a different tone when it comes to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Sure, there are still the purists out there who will tell you that there is no point spending your hard earned cash on an iPhone which looks amazing and then you go and stick a big ugly case on it.

I never had a case before I smashed my iPhone 4 to bits, now I consider it a must buy purchase and luckily cases are becoming more elegant and slimline than ever before. The reality is that when you get an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, a case feels like it is somewhat of an essential, the phone is so slim and light with fantastic curved edges and as a result, it feels like it will fall out of your hands way too easily.

So what about those of us who want to protect our device but still want the feel of a ‘naked’ iPhone? This is where Twelve South fits in.

They have not designed a case. In fact, the package that the product comes in even says.

“Congratulations on not buying a case”

Twelve South are keen to point out that they are not selling a case, they are selling a cover. If you are doing something such as an intense outdoor activity then this is not what you want for protection. However, for everyday lifetime use, it is fantastic.

The cover sticks to your iPhone using a layer of strong, residue-free adhesive. You can fit it to the back of your iPhone, pull it off again, and there will be no sticky residue left on the iPhone afterwards. Once you have it fitted on the phone then it will stay there for good. Even more impressive is that the adhesive is so strong, there are no signs of corner curling. The case shows no effort of trying to get free and come off, instead, it sits snugly on the phone.

There is an elegant stitching finish around the edges of the cover and also running down along the back, this allows you to flip the cover over and prop your phone up using the cover as a small stand. It works surprisingly well and is really sturdy. There is also a cutout in the cover for your camera and flash.

The inside of the cover is lined with grey microfibre cloth and the SurfacePad logo is embossed in the bottom left hand corner. There are two card slots which could be a perfect solution to trying to slim down that over bulky wallet you have.

Twelve South have stressed that the cover will not save you if the iPhone is dropped from a height, this is an elegant solution to stopping scratches from keys ect. However high impact forces will cause damage to the phone in this cover.

The product has a fantastic finish to it, if I am being really really picky, there is a slight threading imperfection on my one at the top of the cover on the back just next to the camera but it is barely noticeable at all.

Initially the cover is quite stiff and the front part of the cover will not sit perfectly on the phone however Twelve South has said that is is normal and is only temporary. After around a week of usage the leather will soften and the front part of the cover will sit flush on the phone and fit much better.

A fantastic cover, the best iPhone cover I have bought in a long time and I am now considering getting Twelve South’s SurfacePad for my Macbook Pro too!

To have a look at the full gallery and purchase a cover for yourself, check out Twelve South’s website:

Alternatively, if in Ireland, you can purchase the SurfacePad from at the following link:

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