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Facebook says that auto-playing videos in your News Feed is an “easier way to watch,” however it is highly unlikely you want to watch every video in your stream come to life. It is hardly cumbersome to press the play button if I really want to see something on my feed.

In fact, I personally find the auto-playing videos to be highly irritating and data consuming. Thankfully there is any easy way to fix this annoying feature for both the web and mobile apps. Facebook has in fact given you a choice of auto-playing or not, they just don’t like to promote the fact that you can stop auto-playing content.

Instead they like to hide the option for disabling auto-play in your settings.

On the web:

Go to the top right of your Facebook homepage and click on the down arrow icon. Scroll down the menu and click on settings.

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Click on the videos option and the bottom of the left hand sidebar of the settings menu. Under “Video Settings” you will see options for “Auto-Play Videos.”

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Simply change the auto-play video settings to off and just like magic you will no longer have autoplaying videos on the web anymore.

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On mobile apps for Android and iOS:

Go into your Facebook app and click on the “more” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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Go down to “Settings” (“App Settings” on Android) and then select videos. Tap auto-play in the video settings menu and then choose, “Never Play Videos Automatically.” Success! Now you no longer need to tolerate those annoying auto-playing videos on your Facebook app.

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