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Kantar media has announced that it will launch Twitter TV engagement ratings in the UK later on this month. The system is modelled on the Neilsen Twitter TV ratings in the United States and will put real data behind the contention from Twitter that people who are active on Twitter while watching TV actually amplify the viewing experience.

Kantar and Twitter announced the partnership a year ago to provide TV ratings for the UK and Spain, the TV metrics will contain the following;

  • People tweeting and their affinity to brands or channels
  • Number of individuals who viewed tweets relating to TV programs
  • Number of impressions relative to a TV program
  • Number of tweets and retweets about a program before, during and after it airs
  • Average tweets and number of tweets about a program

Kantar media’s global CEO, Andy Brown, said that;

“TV viewing has changed forever with the advent of a second screen”

The UK ratings are expected to be available in mid October and at the same time, Kantar media will also launch a dashboard, Instar Social, for broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers that will include a real time leaderboard.

Personally as an Irish man I hope that the TV ratings come to Ireland at the same time seeing as we watch the same bloody TV stations for the most part!

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