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Twitter wants to be more aggressive about its growth, it wants to be the go to social media service and in order to do that then it has to be appealing – to everyone. In an attempt to be more appealing to the media and news outlets, Twitter has launched Curator.

Curator is a tool which makes it easier for news outlets to see what topics are popular, at what time are they popular and where are they popular. News organisations can also use the tool to search through tweets, vines and data with filters that allow them to narrow down searches based on location, word count, feelings expressed in a tweet and even if the tweet was send from an Android or iPhone device.

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Curator certainly has a market base, news outlets can use it to efficiently integrate related tweets into broadcasts as opposed to using the default Twitter search option. With the launch of Curator, Twitter is going head to head with Storify, a platform which allows users to search and share social media updates and online stories.

Storify has been so successful that they have been able to introduce paid plans which are used by a variety of high profile new outlets such as the BBC. If Twitter can offer an experience similar to that of Storify then it could open the door to new areas of revenue.

It is a small feature in the overall scheme of things for Twitter however a significant step as the social media company tries to expand its user base and user experience. Journalists who wish to make use of and gain access to the Curator tool will need to contact Twitter directly to be whitelisted for the service.

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