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Flipboard is one of the most popular media aggregating apps on both iPhone and Android, and now it is no longer just for mobile devices.

Yesterday, the company introduced Flipboard for the Web which is a browser based experience that takes the slick clean looks of the mobile app and blows it up for the desktop. The desktop version brings many of the features which are available on mobile such as Cover Stores which handpicks and presents a collection of top stories from sources which you follow.

There is a thin navigation bar at the top of the screen with several options including a shortcut back to the home screen, cover stories, news sources and an explore button are also located in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue has said that the web experience has been years in the making and although it is a solid start to the desktop version of the platform there are some glaring errors. For example, the navigation bar disappears temporarily when a large image fills up the screen and then reappears again.

Flipboard was founded in 2010 and presents content in a beautiful magazine style layout, it is described by the company as “your personal magazine.” The app now has nearly 50 million monthly readers which is up from 30 million in October 2014.

With Flipboard landing on the web, it means that photos receive more attention thanks to the larger screen and look better now than they ever have done before. If you are a Flipboard user on either iOS or Android then the browser experience is definitely something you should check out. If you have never used Flipboard before then you should definitely check it out anyway, a fantastic app and service which is now available on your computer.

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