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Last week we reported on the Meerkat phenomenon and despite a little hiccup at one stage, the app is still online and functioning well. In fact, interest in the app has really taken off and if you have been thinking, “Twitter should really buy this” then you may just be thinking what Twitter could be thinking.

Techcrunch have spoken to sources close to Twitter who have indicated that the social network has been in talks with Periscope, a different live streaming app which many users have compared to Meerkat. The talks are in early stages however it is clear that both Meerkat and Periscope have a similar strategy and approach to live streaming.

However there are no indications at this time on what any deal would be worth, Techcrunch reports that one source pegs a deal at around $100M while another source says that it is only a fraction of that price. Periscope is similar to Meerkat in that it allows users to fire up the app and broadcast live video from wherever they are.

While the principles are the same, the design on Periscope is said to be more polished than the rough minimal Snapchat like aesthetic of Meerkat. It would be a natural fit for Twitter to acquire a live streaming app in some capacity.

Twitter has always been about the real-time conversation (despite them playing with algorithms briefly at one point) and real-time video would be the next logical step. If Twitter was ever holding back and waiting to get into the live streaming game then now is the time.

Mobile networks are more prevalent than ever before, many of us are now getting access to 4G networks, there is talk of 5G in the future along with powerful mobile devices which have great cameras. It opens a huge potential to live stream from anywhere in the world and it seems as if it could only be a matter of time before Twitter makes a live streaming service a part of the family.

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