Over the upcoming months I am going to upgrading my entire computer setup at home, an entire brand new system and setup which I am hoping to have complete by the middle of April. It is taking so long quite simply because everything put together is pretty damn expensive and I wouldn’t have the money to cough up for it all in one go.

However, as I go along I am going to be reviewing each component of the setup as I get it, starting with the Logitech Performance MX mouse. Before I jump into that I need to give an idea of what the current setup is that I am working with. So, at present I have an early 2011, 13 inch Macbook Pro connected to a 21 inch Samsung display to allow for dual monitor use (13 inch screens are not enough for this line of work!)

The plan is to replace this with a 27 inch iMac, possibly keep the Samsung screen as well and complete with a Logitech Performance MX mouse and Blackwidow Chroma keyboard. There will even be a new desk to go along with the new setup. Last week I bought the Logitech Performance MX (my first peripheral of the new setup) and have been using it since then. So lets have a look and see how it performs.

Logitech Performance MX:

The Performance MX is a top of the line mouse when it comes to both quality and pricing, if you want to get what is considered by some people as the holy grail of mousing then you are going to have to be ready to pay for it.

The Performance MX is a wireless mouse which tracks on any surface using the Darkfield sensor and connects to your computer using Logitech’s proprietary Unifying wireless connection. It is without a doubt the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of using.


There are four programmable thumb buttons, you can choose between a frictionless or a click scroll wheel, multiple speed settings and as I mentioned, it has the Darkfield sensors which allow tracking on any surface, I even used it the other night on a leather sofa.

Don’t worry if this sounds too much or is all going over your head, all of these features don’t get in the way of regular mouse use, they just complement it. There are a combined eight buttons which can be programmed through Logitech’s Mouse & Keyboard software. Some of the example of buttons I use are of course the regular left and right clicks, there is a zoom button, two arrow buttons which I use to navigate forward and back on web pages, and a button right under where my thumb sits which I use for the Mac’s expose feature.

IMG_1148 IMG_1146

The mouse is recharged via a USB and the ergonomic design is outstanding, it fits perfectly into your hand and is much more comfortable than using a trackpad or a smaller less ergonomic mouse.

The Performance MX is available at PC World and will cost you €59.99

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