The first ever Irish Animation Awards will take place on Friday 13th March at the Dingle Skellig Hotel in Dingle.

The event is Animation Ireland’s inaugural awards ceremony and they aim to acknowledge and celebrate the creative talent there is within the Irish Animation, VFX and gaming industries. The event will also recognise animation students through the “Best Student Film” category.

Each of the 12 categories have been appointed two judges that have worked together to agree the shortlist and will choose the final winner. The judges include Jackie Edwards – Executive Producer of Cbeebies Animation, Tim Patterson – VP, Director of Programming at Nickelodeon UK, Sarah Muller Head of Acquisitions at CBBC, Helen McAleer – Chief Global Development Officer for the Walker Group and a host of big names from the world of animation and children’s Television.

Winners of each category will receive a statuette designed by animator, filmmaker and teacher Eimhin McNamara. The statuette resembles a Phenakistoscope which was an early animation device used to create an illusion of motion.

Visit the Irish Animation Awards website for further information about the awards, judges and shortlists.

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