Twitter Alerts was originally launched in September 2013 in the U.S. Japan and Korea to send critical messages to Twitter users that signed up but today Twitter launched the facility in the UK and Ireland. For now the only account to sign up in Ireland is @GardaTraffic

Signing up is relatively simple with just a few steps –

Go to


click on the blue button to start receiving alerts from @GardaTraffic, this will take you to the next step,


on this next page it seems to give the impression that in order to receive the alerts you should enter your mobile phone details! however by clicking on the small “No phone? Skip this step” link you will only receive alerts thru your Twitter account.


If you do opt to include your mobile number there is however a warning that your number will be discoverable by others on Twitter unless you adjust the settings on your account.

When signed up you will receive alerts from An Garda Síochana with time-sensitive, critical information related to the unfolding event and the alert will be highlighted in your twitter timeline to make it more noticeable.



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