Twitter seems to have reversed the decision to open up Direct Messaging between non followers! The check box under user settings that allowed those that had opted in to receive direct messages from those they don’t follow has been removed. This change turns Twitter back to its old way of handling Direct Messages , which requires that a direct-message recipient be following the sender.


Twitter is rolling out a change to the way DM’s (Direct Messages) will work. Up to now DM’s could only be sent between users that were following each other but with this new change users can chose to opt-in in order to receive DM’s from anyone they are following.

As this feature is being rolled out gradually it may not be available just yet but it will soon show up in Settings – Accounts. Here you will see a new setting called “Receive direct messages from any follower”.

While this feature can make dealing with a big company or a customer care centre, who may not want to follow all their followers, a lot easier I would worry about it being open to abuse? Opt in to receive DM’s from any followers and chances are you will start receiving spam? Or am I just being cynical?

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