Logitech today introduced the Logitech PowerShell Controller and Battery – providing console-style game controls and increasing game play-time on your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, or iPod Touch (5th generation) running iOS 7.

To use it you simply insert your compatible iPhone or iPod Touch into the controller as you would with a standard case. The analog off-screen controls of the Logitech PowerShell Controller deliver a gaming experience that’s familiar to console players everywhere, with a D-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons that allow you to control game play.

We designed this controller to deliver a true console-gaming experience on an iOS 7 mobile device,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, general manager of the Logitech gaming business. “With gaming so pervasive on the mobile platform – our research shows that 87% of iPhone and iPod touch users play games on their device – it’s time to revolutionise the experience.

When your device is in the controller, you’ll still have full access to power on/off, volume, camera, speakers, headphone jack and charging. The controller’s 1500 mAh battery also increases the battery capacity of your device. You can recharge both batteries without removing the phone from the controller.

The Logitech PowerShell Controller is available online today for pre-order on Logitech.com for €99.99. The product is expected to be available at Apple Stores and with additional retailers globally in December.



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