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Let me start by finally dispelling one last myth about Snapchat that still lingers at the moment which still comes up when I talk about Snapchat. I’m only going to say this one time so here it is – You are no longer “too old” for Snapchat.

You don’t have to like that statement, you don’t have to like Snapchat (though frankly if you are in content creation of any kind you really should) but you can no longer use it as an excuse. If you continue to claim you are too old for Snapchat you are simply using it as an excuse because you are either too lazy to figure it out or you feel (incorrectly) that it is insignificant and does not benefit your business.

14% of US smartphone users over the age of 35 are now on Snapchat, three years ago it was just 2%. Also, 38% of US smartphone users on the app are between the age of 25 to 34 which was only 5% three years ago.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, there has been a wave of articles over the past number of days claiming that adults are going to ruin Snapchat and that the spontaneity and the cool factor will now be no more as parents begin to join up.

Oh yawn.

Relax people, the party is just getting started. This is how social networks tend to evolve and has been the way since the social media boom began. Young people arrive in their droves and set the tone, later on the older generation gets on board.

The Snapchat world is growing fast and as the demographic expands it means there will be a wider range of content on offer for users to consume. ‘Old people’ are not jumping on there to ruin your fun, if anything it will enhance your experience.

By the way, the ‘old people’ you all keep referring to are 24-35…hardly that old is it?

As for you old people who are still resisting the urge…why? Why are you still resisting something which is so clearly on the path to being the next big thing. There has never been a better time to get on board and start getting involved. I can see plenty of you liking and sharing content that I am creating to help you with Snapchat and I appreciate that, I really do. However, you are not being so forthcoming with your actions because while you share that content and like it, you are still resisting Snapchat yourself.

There is no better time to get involved, this is going to be the best time and 12 months from now Snapchat is going to be so densely populated you will have a much harder time trying to get on board and breaking through.

So here are 6 reasons you more than likely keep making for not joining Snapchat and I’m going to tell you why those reasons are just not true at all.

It doesn’t make any sense

Okay, this is the big one and many of us have been in this camp at some point. Snapchat is a different language, completely different from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You have to get to grips with all these new features and functions which you don’t know about while trying not to make a fool of yourself in front of the cool hip teenagers because you want to appeal to the audience, you don’t want them to laugh at you.

Like anything, things will start to make sense when you put the work in. Making the effort to learn Snapchat goes a long way. It is not a cumbersome as you think it is. Give it a try, download the app and see how other influencers are using it. Thats what I did at the start, I looked at how others used it before finding my own style.

Read our guide below, it covers all the basis and will more than get you on your way.

The Adults Guide To Snapchat

I’m not cool enough

Rubbish, who says you are not ‘cool enough’? Teens naturally think that we older folk are not cool. That is something you just need to get over yourself, it is a mindset that you have worked yourself into, nothing more than that.

I’m too old

We covered this at the top. Stop using being too old as an excuse. I have added a lot of people to my Snapchat, none of them are teenagers. The king of Snapchat, DJ Khaled, is 40 years old.

I don’t have time

I don’t buy this excuse, ever, from anyone. We are all busy, sure some of us are busier than others. I’m constantly on the go, creating content, promoting, running client accounts, working to pay the bills, hustling hard. I have time for Snapchat because I don’t binge watch Netflix every other week. You have time, every single one of you reading this has time.

I’m too late

Snapchat is targeting businesses and older demographics with its new Memories feature. Snapchat is growing up, you are not too late right now. The timing is perfect if you start right now. Wait for this time of year and you will be too late. Will this mean you can’t make it on Snapchat a year from now? No. But it will be much harder for you to do it.

Its too hard

Get a grip. Everything is hard, putting yourself out there is hard. Making your content more personable is hard. Sticking that mug in front of a video camera on a platform like Snapchat is hard. The rewards are there and they are plentiful which should drive you past all these “its too hard” barriers.

Stop making excuses

When I talk to businesses about Snapchat they lap it up and some of them will take the plunge and roll with it. However, there are too many of you trying to make excuses which just don’t apply any more. I know people will be out there saying “Well, Snapchat is not right for every business so you are wrong there!”

You run a business right? That means branding should be part of your game…right? End of debate so. As I mentioned some time ago, Snapchat is branding 101. You want to amplify your branding game? Then get on it.

I get frustrated when you start rolling out the excuses because it is the height of laziness. You are not too old, you are cool, you are not too late (yet) and you most certainly do have time. I get frustrated when I see you liking and sharing content I create about Snapchat when I know full well you are not a practitioner in it.

What do you have to lose by trying out a platform which has passed Twitter in daily activity and which is blowing up on a global scale right now? There is nothing to lose.

Here is some of the great Snapchat content I have run to date to help you get started.

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