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People joining up to Snapchat recently have all encountered a similar problem. Unless you are already well established or a celebrity it can be hard to get noticed. Snapchat has no in-app discovery tools at the moment to help you find all kinds of different creators. Don’t get confused with Snapchat Discover which is Snapchat’s brand marketing service. That is by no means the same thing as what I am referring to here.

Ireland is one of the countries where Snapchat is blowing up right now. The app is maturing and people are getting on board now at a phenomenal rate. Soon it will be much harder than it is now to break through.

As a result, people have to get creative with how they get noticed because there is no easy way of finding others users natively in the main app. Some websites and services like ‘Ghostcodes’ are trying to make the process easier. That means in order to grow you need to do it by going outside the app itself. Basically you have to work at it.

The best way to do this is to leverage other platforms in order to create awareness and guide people to where you are on Snapchat. Here are some ideas for different things you could try to get new followers on Snapchat.

  • Put your Snapchat handle in bios of your other social media profiles
  • Download your Snapcode from the main Snapchat website and make it your profile picture on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ect.
  • Sign off blog posts with your Snapcode or your Snapchat handle
  • Pin a tweet with your Snapcode to the top of your Twitter timeline
  • So a story takeover with another Snapchat user to tap into their community
  • Use custom geofilters in high traffic locations where people will be snapping
  • Put your username or Snapcode at the bottom of your email signature

Remember, Snapchat is a different language for new users. Instead of text and scrolling we now have photo, video and swiping. Be creative and develop your own style when using Snapchat. Be authentic and be you.

Another nifty little trick is to download a part of your Snapchat story, this saves to your camera roll and then you can upload it to a social platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to give almost a sneak peak of what is going on at your Snapchat account. If people like what they see in the sneak peek then they will head on over and add you.

If you are good enough and you get a bit of luck you can hit the jackpot and become a Snapchat influencer. Right now, Snapchat influencers are being hired by brands to show off products and content using their Snapchat style. Companies such as Walt Disney are tapping into influencers on Snapchat to leverage their brand particularly towards younger audiences.

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