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Employee productivity is amongst the most significant aspects of the businesses as it correlated with the profitability of the company. The businesses across the world have been facing challenges to boost up their employees’ motivation and productivity.

According to a survey, more than 80 percent employees get engaged in unproductive and needless activities during their working hours. Almost 1 in 5 workers waste around 3 working hours a day. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding the employee productivity and the ways to increase workers’ efficiency. One can find numerous measures and tools to prevent workers from involving in unproductive activities and encouraging them to give their best to the company.

However, there are several myths and misconceptions about the productivity and these can hold your business back preventing you to get your desired results. This article discusses the employee productivity myths and the proven ways to improve workers’ efficiency and performance.

What are Productivity Myths?

Many employers face productivity issues and this is because they take it in a wrong way. We have rounded up here the productivity myths that in actuality put a negative influence on employee motivation.

The more you work the more productive you are.

American workers give more hours to their companies but it does not mean that they are more productive than those who are required to give lesser time to their companies. Staying late in office does not surely mean that you are doing quality work. The long working hours put more stress on the workers and reduce their efficiency and motivation to work. A recent study indicates that long working hours can also cause you to have a stroke. Working more and without breaks influences your concentration, motivation and creativity.

Rewards Improve Efficiency

Many employers think that rewards and incentives encourage workers to do more. It can be true but only to a certain limit. You can lure your workers to give their best and have more benefits. The rewards can cause a sudden boost in employee productivity but gradually and with the passage of time the workers will retrace their steps to the productivity level they had before.  

Productivity is getting the tasks executed sooner

If you think that employees who get their job done sooner than those who take more time are more productive, you are wrong. A work done in hurriedness may carry mistakes and may require a redo. On the other hand, the task done with patience and caution can be more creative than all the tasks completed with least attention.

What are Productivity Truths?

Given are the truths about the employee productivity that can help the employers to get the desired outcomes.

Productivity is about smart work

It has nothing to do with your productivity that how many hours you spend at your workplace. A recent research conducted with the help of time tracking software found out that 10% of highly productive workers do not spend long hours and do not keep working for 8 or 9 hours of the job. They take a break of 17 minutes after doing work for 52 minutes. It keeps them more productive and motivated and helps them do their work smartly and efficiently.

Workplace Environment Matters

Try to make your workforce free from bullying and sexual harassment. A healthy and motivational environment keeps the workers motivated. Make sure your workers are physically and mentally fit. More work can make your worker suffer and a sick worker is less productive. Plan outdoor activities for your workers as these will strengthen the bond between workers and higher authorities. Also, it will help the workers release their work pressure.

Tracking Productivity Is Important

You cannot detect if your workers are productive or not until you monitor and measure their productivity. There are several employee monitoring and productivity tracking software that enable employers to measure the productivity of the workers. Also, the software identifies the loopholes and indicates the areas that need more attention and improvement. You can also detect how much time your workers are giving to work and what they are doing in the rest. Meanwhile, you can detect which of your workers and teams are more productive and which need further training.


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