Anna Scheller, author of the book, “Black Belt Selling, Closing with Confidence“, will hold sales workshops across Ireland the week of 16 October 2017 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) for sales teams and business owners. The events, which will be held in Cork, Galway and Dublin, will provide participants with a proven 5 step blueprint to increase sales in 2018.

Ms Scheller, who spoke at the Women’s Inspire Network National Conference in 2016, chose to bring professional sales training to Ireland to make it more accessible and affordable to busy entrepreneurs.  “As an entrepreneur and mother myself, I wanted to attend seminars, but couldn’t afford the time or money to travel away from my family.

Business owners and sales people alike, are often frustrated by their inability to consistently get more sales over the line. Often, they lack a process to lead the customer into making a buying decision. Finding herself in that position several years back, Anna enlisted a sales mentor after recognizing that she was afraid to sell her own product. “Training like this saved my business, and I want to make it more accessible and affordable to the people of Ireland by going to where they live and work, and not have to come to me,” she says. “Learning and implementing a process made a huge difference in my business and my life!”

Ms. Scheller brings black belt training to her workshops, having earned her first black belt in the martial arts at age 49. Her experience to earn the rank taught her qualities like perseverance, how to become indomitable, and moving with an opponent’s energy. “These aspects are important to success in sales. Sales is a tough profession, and when the going gets tough, people often quit to find something easier. By applying the principles of my training to sales, I discovered how much easier and fun sales could be. I bring these to my training to help people learn and enjoy the process!”

During the event, participants will get an overview of proven sales processes that help people get more sales over the line without being pushy or demanding. Topics covered will include how to find more customers, how to lead prospects in the buying process and how to address objections with ease.

“Super Size Your Sales Mastery” is a great opportunity for local business people to obtain sales training near their home town. To register, click Seating is limited so buy your ticket now!


Anna Scheller

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