Guest post by  Andy Butler Editor of Mobiography Magazine.

 We know them as YouTubers, Instagrammers, Snapchatters, bloggers or vloggers – call them what you want. They are, in fact, all content creators.  When we think about content creators, we think about the type of content they’re producing – still images, videos, 360 videos and about the devices they’re using to capture the content – an SLR camera, a 360 camera, or more commonly simply their smartphone. BUT how often do we consider the accessories they’re using?  It’s not always about turn up, turn on, point and shoot.

This month, over 100 content creators from across the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe gathered together for the first ever #JobyLive event. The event was designed to celebrate and showcase the world-renowned Gorillapod and introduce the full range of products in the Gorillapod and GripTight product portfolio.

Held at the swanky private member’s club The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, pro DJs BitterSweet hit the decks whilst the attending content creators got to enjoy an eclectic display of products and several exciting stations which were showcasing how the Gorillapod and GripTight products are being used to help create exciting content.

Ever since famous US YouTuber Casey Neistat revealed that the Joby Gorillapod is his accessory of choice for vlogging, the product has taken on a whole new lease of life.   From holding his rig out at arms length, to wrapping it round any object to get that perfect and unique piece of content, the Gorillapod has been one essential in his gear bag.  So, how are other content creators making use of peripherals such as the Joby range?

Beauty vlogger Charlotte Jonsie showed exactly how she used it – with her smartphone firmly held in a Joy Griptight Pro Video, she was able to tilt and swivel the device to suit the model and lighting of the event. Providing a hands free video stand for her smartphone that enables her to pan and tilt with ease has made her YouTube video and Instagram stories much easier to film, and she can use both hands for her live tutorials without having to worry about the camera slipping.

In addition, there were displays for those that enjoy action sports such as cycling or skateboarding. The team from RollaPalooza set up two racing bikes with Gorillapods wrapped around the handlebars. Competitors were able to position their smartphone on the bike and video themselves whilst racing their friends – some attendees even streamed it live across Facebook! The person with the fastest time at the end of the night was crowned the RollaPalooza #JobyLive champ.  Alongside the bikes were skateboarders pulling tricks and stunts across the floor, providing content for those that were watching and filming from a variety of angles.

When it comes to content, nothing is beyond the lens; your imagination can take you anywhere but it all starts with an interesting idea that becomes visual. Snapchat artists take this to a whole other level – taking an interesting image using Snapchat and adding virtual monsters and overlays to the image – giving it a completely different angle – adding in a fun element to their ‘snaps’.

Content creation is all about imagination and getting the right tools to share your content with your audience is crucial.  Anyone can take a boring shot, or a standard video, but who wants to? Joby Gorillapod and Griptight products are enabling the worlds vloggers to really give us an insight into their worlds.

All in all, #JobyLive was a huge success – and we can’t wait for the next one.

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