By @SimonCocking, review of The Agency, Build, Grow, Repeat by Luca Senatore.

In The Agency – Build, Grow, Repeat, Luca Senatore shares the why and how behind launching and developing a successful agency. Using methodologies and theories that are underpinned with practical case studies, techniques and real-life examples from his own experience as Director of a leading digital marketing agency, Luca outlines what makes an agency a good agency – and how it can be even better.

Relevant to all types of agencies from design, SEO and marketing to branding, PR, recruitment and more, the book outlines the fundamentals of building and growing an agency which is remarkable. It guides the reader along the path from the initial idea and mission statement to successful execution, looking at crucial elements including:

– Finding and recruiting amazing talent who ‘aren’t assholes’.

– Implementing the goal setting framework used by Google, Twitter and LinkedIn.

– Using key tools such as social media, networking and exhibitions to market your business effectively.

– Effectively selling your product through managing numbers and getting the right mindset.

– Growing your business, from developing key relationships to creating a pricing strategy.

The Agency shares eye-opening interviews with real businesses to reveal what they really think about working with agencies including what gives a good impression and what they dislike.

This book does offer a passionate and honest approach to growing a business, from someone who did it the hard way, in a foreign country, and in a language, they couldn’t speak. I’m just not sure it needed to use the words fuck & fucking so many times. It just doesn’t add to the impact of the prose, and in many ways actually detracts and undermines the lessons and insights being offered up. We get it that the goal is to be heartfelt and authentic, but a bit like littering your prose with exclamation marks, italics and CAPS it actually distracts and reduces the impact of your message.

Senatore does have some good nuts and bolts advice about building an authentic and credible message, and when to sell, and when to just offer advice and be helpful, in order to play the long game in terms of building up a rapport and an audience. He also is quick to remind the reader that everything is a work in progress, and just because something works now, this does not necessarily mean it will be the right tool(s) to use in 6 – 12 months time. Naturally, this flexibility and pragmatism is part of the learning, adaptive approach he is advocating. Overall we liked it and found it useful, and if he could only drop the fucking swear words then all the better.

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