EOS Dublin Celebrates its First Year of Success on St. Patrick’s Day and Will Donate Profits to Charity

On St. Patrick’s Day, 2018, one year ago, Sharif Bouktila and Sam Noble founded EOS Dublin. The company represents a “block producer” in the incredibly global and decentralized EOSIO network. They are active on several global chains and launching an E.U. focused blockchain.

At the launch of EOS, Sharif and Sam facilitated Block Producer summits to continue a conversation with everyone–from Canada to China to Brazil–until all consented to a “go” vote after days of careful consideration. Sharif has been a leader in the governance conversation ever since.

From the beginning, the Dublin team has been quite popular, with over 10,000 individual stakeholders voting for them. This is why EOS Dublin has always stood in a paid standby position, ready to actively produce blocks if any of the others are unable to. The higher the company ascends on their rank, the more money they earn.

In celebration of their anniversary, they have committed to donating whatever rewards they earn on March 17 to FamilyEOS, which gives Venezuelan families cryptocurrency.

Online Classes & Podcast

Education is key for EOS Dublin. They coordinate and create lessons for everybody on EOS Bootcamp (www.eosbootcamp.com). The “Blockchain Basics” series has been a popular resource for beginners, with over 50 courses aimed at anyone who wants to learn more.

They also produce a weekly podcast, hosted by Jillian Godsil, in which she talks with of the leaders and creatives in the EOS orbit.

Other EOS Chains

The Dublin block producers have become leaders in other blockchains that are formed using the EOS code. They work with Worbli, Telos, Meet.One, among others.


EOS Dublin have only just begun their journey. They’ve co-founded EuropeChain, which will be a ready-to-use blockchain that is compliant with E.U. regulations. They hope to launch this chain in 2019. Companies can sign up to learn more at https://europechain.io/

Also upcoming is their project Ignition, which will be a center for EOS app developers and will provide marketing, translations, and focus groups for new developers.

Ireland is known as a hub for innovation, and EOS Dublin is at the forefront of blockchain technology globally and specifically within the E.U.

On March 20, Dublin locals can join Sharif and the EOS Dublin team at a celebratory meetup. Check meetup.com for more information.


Free of government entities or corporations, blockchain has come to represent online security and social and financial liberation worldwide. The first blockchains rely on a system that depends on computing power to validate the chain. The innovation of EOS is that it uses a delegated proof-of-stake system which requires coin-holders to commit their coins in order to “vote” for Block Producers.

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