Diversity & Inclusion – Let’s start a conversation.

Sometimes, as Irish people, we try to avoid confrontation.

We don’t like to do things that make others feel uncomfortable or have the potential to backfire.

Diversity & Inclusion is a tricky topic to talk about – it can be emotionally charged, it is quite dynamic, it has the potential to offend so sometimes, it can be easier to just do nothing.

This is the type of barrier we wanted to help bring down when we asked a broad range of leaders within FinTech and Financial Services to give their thoughts on “How do we can make FinTech & Financial Services more Inclusive and Diverse”.

Our hope is that by bringing together a great mix of thoughts and suggestions, our report would, at a minimum, help start a conversation.

As a recruitment consultancy operating within FinTech and Financial Services specifically, we see both professionals and employers caring more about this topic. People want to know they are working somewhere that is Inclusive and employers are becoming more aware of this as a key attraction tool, in addition to helping bottom line.

Diversity & Inclusion is no longer just a tick-box exercise that can be covered with a policy document; it needs to be comprised of lived values and driven from the top.

Getting great opinions and solid examples from the likes of Andrew Keating (CFO of Bank of Ireland), Geraldine Gibson (CEO of AQMetrics) and Kate Brady (representing FuSIoN), among others, gets a conversation started. If that is all we achieve from this, it is at least a start.

Ireland, in our opinion, is uniquely placed to really benefit from Brexit and it is happening already. Companies look at us as an open and inclusive country where they can attract talent, not just here already but from other countries in Europe and beyond.

With such great momentum, there is no better time to accelerate our efforts in this space.

The free Diversity & Inclusion Guide can be downloaded at www.toptierrecruitment.com/diversity

Paul Smyth, Managing Director, Top Tier Recruitment

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