Today, Tempo AI, creator of the App for iOS, Tempo Smart Calendar, is partnering witUber to offer on-demand rides from within the mobile calendar. Tempo Smart Calendar allows users to stay in their calendar App to get directions, drive times and parking options and now, with Uber’s new API integration, they can tap the Uber icon in the map to see the estimated pickup time as well as car types and fares.

When they make their request, the driver will arrive already knowing where they are going. Those details are passed from their calendar event to Uber. Tempo also leverages its connected data to autofill users’ current location and destination.

Tempo’s integration with Uber’s new public API puts requesting an Uber in context, right inside the Tempo app,” said Jeff Holden, chief product officer at Uber. “Tempo’s calendar just got smarter by surfacing up an Uber button whenever you need to travel to your next meeting or appointment.


We’re thrilled to be the first calendar to use Uber’s new API because together we’re going to take the hassle out of just getting there. With an Uber experience integrated into Tempo, you can use your travel time to read Tempo’s insights about the people you’re going to meet, and review the meeting’s emails and documents – it’s all in the Tempo event summary, just like the Uber ride,” said Raj Singh, CEO and co-founder of Tempo AI. “We eliminate time-sinks on your phone and actually help you prepare for what’s next. So on a demanding day with back-to-back meetings, the logistics of getting from one location to the next is no longer a major distraction wasting cycles better spent concentrating on the upcoming meeting and people you’re about to meet.

To download Tempo Smart Calendar with the Uber integration head to this link.

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