Today, Tempo AI, creators of the artificial intelligence-based assistant app for iOS, Tempo Smart Calendar, announces its partnership with Speek, the conference call service that offers simple, high-quality conference calls. This partnership makes Tempo the first calendar app to give users the ability to create and dial into a free conference call without leaving the calendar.

Tempo and Speek are teaming up to “kill the conference call PIN”. Speek lets users avoid the hassle of entering a phone number and fumbling around to find their PIN, by providing a web-based conference call line that is always open. Tempo AI’s technology uses machine learning to understand thousands of different conference call formats, and dial users into conference calls in one tap.

You can download Tempo Smart Calendar integrated with Speek for free here.

Tempo uses artificial intelligence to allow users to get more done in the calendar app, pulling in information from users’ emails, contacts, calendars and across the internet to find driving directions, contact meeting members, find personalised information like recent emails, news, tweets, and LinkedIn information on the people they’re meeting, and more. Now, with this Speek integration, Tempo users can set up conference calls for free, on-demand, from within their calendar. We reviewed Tempo Smart Calendar some time back and were quite impressed with it. You can check out that review here.

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