Tempo is a new “smart” calendar app for iPhone, originally released to the USA market early in 2013 Tempo, it arrived in the Irish and UK App Store last week and went straight into The Guardian “20 Best iPhone & iPad apps” for this week!

On first use you will be asked to log into a lot of services such as relevant email accounts, Linkedin, Facebook and allow Tempo access to your contacts, location and calendar on your iPhone. Once these details have been saved by Tempo you can then start using the app as it was really intended.

When you add a new event you can type the event title including location, attendee name’s etc and Tempo will automatically add the necessary info to the appropriate fields. If you chose an event alert Tempo will not only notify you but will also email the alert to any attendees. A very nice feature that I have already found handy in my first week of using Tempo is the “running late” email or text feature. One button click and I can inform any attendees that I am going to be late!! Also it is nice to be able to call people directly from within Tempo, no app switching necessary. Tempo of course works with Siri

Tempo can on first use come across as overwhelming, but the Tempo Tips section in About Tempo gives a very handy walk thru of the many uses and shortcuts etc or for a more thorough explanation of everything Tempo check out the features here

After using Tempo for the last few days it now sits proudly on my 1st page of apps meaning I have consigned my previous calendar app (which had cost me €6.99) to the trash!!

Tempo can be download for Free from the App Store here



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