By @SimonCocking Review of  Smile Again: Your Recovery from Burnout, Breakdown and Overwhelming Stress by Anna Pinkerton. Available from Amazon here.

Why Being Kind to Yourself Will Boost Your Career Prospects

If you are the hard worker, the grafter, the dedicated, you are more likely to suffer from burnout and breakdown. You are probably more likely to hide your stress, and try to cope silently.  If you’re used to leading or managing others, if you’re used to having others look up to you and rely on you, you are likely to feel more crippled by shame and despair.

Stress related to work has taken on pandemic proportions. Burnout and breakdown literally happens to the best of us. What you are experiencing is a perfectly normal reaction to extreme conditions, and you can find a way out of it.

This book offers tools to help you recover quickly and thoroughly. It uses simple, but powerful, images to bypass the part of your brain that is hindered by stress, and help you heal again on a deep subconscious level. Even if you feel you’re ‘broken’, you can absolutely repair. If this sounds like you, then this book will help you smile again.

In a theme that continues to appear in many of the recent business books we have been reading and reviewing, mental health and personal strength and sanity are coming up again and again. It would seem clear that we are in a time of change and uncertainty, and consequently we as humans are not completely sure how to process and deal with this. In five years time or less we may be able to see more clearly Brexit and Trump as a desperate protest vote against things that many did not understand or comprehend. In the mean time, naturally, it is always helpful to get some insights into how to maintain our own even keel as much as possible.

This may or may not be the right book for everyone but there are definitely some good suggestions in this book. Counter intuitive though it may seem, Pinkerton suggests that you don’t watch TV, and also that it can be a healthy strategy to ask other people not to tell you what is in the news. News reportage, on mainstream news channels is invariably focussed on death, destruction and the negative things that people do to each other. Whereas around us there are actually many positive things happening, and, despite the impression you might get from many media outlets, murder rates have fallen and people are living longer compared to historical levels.

This book is an interesting read, and might be a useful book for you, depending where you are in your life.

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