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Great guest post by Giulio d’Agostino CEO & Director of GD Seventy Eight Music LTd. A music label founded in 1999 in New York City.

Growth hackers use many tools to do their magic, in this article I want to share with you 10 growth hacking tools that do not require coding and most of the times run on automation. No matter if you are planning to build a startup from scratch or if you have a small business, these tools will help you grow.

There are a variety of out-of-the-box tools that can help entrepreneurs and growth hackers to be fully efficient without being “distracted” by the technicality of what goes on in the behind the scenes (AI, automation processes, database handling, etc.).

Here is a list of growth hacking tools that will enable any marketer to make strong impact in growth while eliminating the need for programming skills.

Charlie App – ”Impress anyone you meet” is its slogan. Charlie App pulls basic information about potential customers / partners you’re meeting with, and the company they work for. If the company recently celebrated winning an award, Charlie will make sure to point it out to you. Alerts arrive few hours before the meeting in your email inbox for quick access.

Clickfunnels – The “McDonald’s of high-converting site without having to learn User Experience”. All navigation options are gone, you will have to leverage mainly on the “leave email here” or “buy now” buttons. Less is more.

Stripe – It takes about 5 minutes to setup any website (or Clickfunnels) to accept card payments via Stripe, just the opposite of Braintree (that asks to send copies of bank statements). Please note: always ask for customers addresses or you might get unnecessary failed payments.

Mailchimp – Probably the most used mailing list software in the World, super easy to use and great for small companies that want to segment lists, nurture leads and see who’s opening, etc.

Google Apps (Gmail, GoogleDocs, Google Slides and of course Google Drive plus loads more) – Best alternative to MSExcel, Word, Powerpoint and Dropbox. Often taken for granted as an awesome piece of kit, all Google Apps automatically backup your data and documents on the Cloud.

Go Daddy – Some people hate GoDaddy … still is the main company when it comes for a budget solution on domains and website setup. The do not take for granted that there is a audience out there that don’t know how to do this stuff.Calend.ly – Scheduling all your meetings automatically and allows you to gets rid of the back-and-forth “Can you do Monday

Calend.ly – Scheduling all your meetings automatically and allows you to gets rid of the back-and-forth “Can you do Monday 1pm my time?” and so on.

Import.io – Scrape data from any website without the need to code. It’s pretty good for lead generation

Gumroad – A must if you don’t want to use any payment processor. Their fees are more than Stripe, but under $30k per quarter it’s not a massive amount to lose.

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