News broke during the night that some of Sky’s App’s in the Android Play Store had been hacked and replaced with malicious copies. As it turns out all of their Apps have been replaced.




If you have any of these Apps installed, delete them immediately and do not re-install  until further notice. Since the latest version of the Play Store was launched the default option is to have Apps auto updating so updates could have been pushed to your device already without you noticing.

The Apps effected are:

Apps by BSkyB   Google Play

It is not yet clear how this has happened but it is obviously a massive security breach for BSkyB and considering how popular their Apps are, they need to work quickly to make people aware of what has happened (and hope it causes little collateral damage) It’s worth noting that the App’s are still available now in the Play Store and it seems like little has been done to pull them so far.

On the Play Store you are now being met with this image when you go to one of the Sky Apps:

Sky News   Android Apps on Google Play

This appears to be the logo on the Syrian Electronic Army and we have heard news of other similar attacks yesterday from the same group.

We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Update:  The Apps have now been pulled from the Play Store. No update yet on when they will be available again.

Update 2: Sky’s App’s are now available in the Play Store again.

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