Comreg commissioned Red C research and marketing ltd. to undertake a survey in February 2013 of 1000 interviews of “a nationally representative sample of telecoms decision makers”. The sample profile had a very even spread of sex, age and social class but a large Dublin based sample population of over 80%. The results are in and unsurprisingly nationally 97% of us own a mobile phone.

54% of us Nationally and 56% of city based people have a smartphone. That’s up 10-12% over results from last years Comreg Survey. Other interesting points of  note:

  • 1 in 3 of those with broadband access are using voice over broadband weekly to make a phone call.
  • Sky dominate the TV market nationally but unsurprisingly UPC dominate the city market.
  • Most complaints about mobile phone companies related to length of contract, internet coverage and overall cost of post pay plans.
  • People are more likely to switch landline provider then they are mobile provider.
  • Almost 2 in 5 Smartphone owners received  a text advising of data allowance limit.
  • Eircom dominate the broadband market nationally but UPC dominate the broadband market in the city.
  • The mobile market continues to increase its share of contracts v prepay with contract

    now in excess of 2 in 5 mobile owners.

  • Mobile phone customers have the lowest intention of switching provider.

The survey has a huge amount of data which you can pour over at this link:

Comreg Red C ICT Survey Results

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