Comreg have today published their voice call termination survey. The survey was carried out face to face with 1128 residential customers. Since Q2 2009 ComReg estimates that smartphone usage in Ireland has grown by 38% and this figure continues to grow at a rapid rate.



Comreg key survey points include

  • 99.3% of the respondents own a mobile phone with 99% using it regularly
  • 74% of respondents are Pre pay customers and 26% are bill pay customers
  • 44% of the respondents own a smart phone
  • Of these 40% of smartphone users were on Pre pay and 57% on Bill pay
  • More than 50% of smartphone users use email, social networks or web browsing every day
  • Only 3% of all mobile users use VOIP
  • Only 20% of smart phone users use VOIP services
  • 27% of mobile users dont use voicemail

Mobile Share of the customers surveyed

  • Vodafone: 43%
  • O2: 31%
  • Eircom Group: 22%
  • 3Ireland: 3%
  • Other: 1%

% of smart phones on each network

  • Vodafone 41%
  • O2 42%
  • Eircom 48%
  • 3 Ireland 83% (which makes sense since it’s primarily a 3G network just roaming on Vodafone 2G)
  • Tesco 40%

95% of Population have only one sim card (mobile number)

61% have a fixed line and 39% have no fixed line
And the main reason for not having one was to Save money (53%)

Fixed line market share:

  • Eircom 67%
  • UPC 10%
  • Vodafone at home 16%
  • Imagine 2%
  • Digiweb 9%
  • Other 6%

% of Bill and Pre pay customers on each network

  • Vodafone 73% Pre pay, 27% Bill pay
  • O2 74% Pre pay, 26% Bill pay
  • Eicom 80% Pre pay, 20% Bill pay
  • 3 Ireland 37% Pre pay, 63% Bill pay ( a significant difference between 3 and the other networks who have more pre then bill pay customers)
  • Other 100% Pre pay (Tesco, 48 months and the other MVNO’s)

5% have their bills paid by a family member

On average Bill pay customers pay 102euro for their phone and Pre pay customers pay 86euro

On average Bill pay customers pay €53.68 (average package cost was €46.68) and Pre pay customers pay €32.15per month

Somewhat worryingly 71% and 69% of pre and bill pay customers respectively do not know the costs of call or texts

73% of customers are with their mobile operator 3 or more years (75% of pre and 67% of bill pay)

Only 33% of mobile consumers have said that they’ve “EVER” switched mobile networks proving the maxim “it’s easier and cheaper to keep a customer then to gain one” and one reason why networks seem to loose customers slowly.


Comments and questions welcome below.

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