Guidecentral is an app which allows users to discover how to make and do things. Its user generated content provides detailed information, instructions and pictures on just about anything from cleaning a stained teapot to making pretzels, from how to wear a bandana to checking your pet for parasites. The app is free but currently only available on iOS but the company also has a website to view the content too for non iOS users located here: Users can submit their own guides and rate/rank others as well as leave comments.

Currently you can only register using your facebook account. Once registered you can create your own guides with step by step instructions on how to do what ever you want. Guidecentral are also running a competition to win a $150USD amazon gift certificate to the user who is top of the monthly leaderboard. The team behind Guidecentral is headed by CEO Gaston Irigoyen, who has a background in working for tech giants Google and Youtube and is based at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin, Ireland.

Having used the app for the past week I have to say I found it great. It could do with more user content in some of the categories but the monthly competition should help with this (I may even try to create some of my own content). I had some fun trying out some of the recipes in the Food section such as “the perfect Spanish omelette”. The detail in the guides was great with information on supplies needed, how to instructions and high quality images to help me as I went along. As the app gets more and more user generated content I think it could become a great location for all your “how to” needs.

You can get the app from the iTunes store here:


or check out their website if you’re a non iOS user here:



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