Sigo was launched in Ireland a few weeks ago. It is a free social messaging app designed for group collaboration.  Sigo is focused on helping groups of friends make day-to-day decisions together, such as what movie to watch or where to go for something to eat, in a new way allowing each person to make weighted choices via a slider.

The basic idea of how the App works is as follows:

The upper orange bar indicates your current points balance


Select an option and drag the slider to weight your choice for which option you’d most like


View group actions, chat & interact until a deadline for a decision expires and you see which option has got the most points from your friends.


The key features of the App according the the developer are:

• Make your opinion heard in a group, vote or bid and get things done
• Use challenges to drive your group to take action
• Messages delivered quickly and help the group reach a bottom line
• When friends can’t decide the can use Sigo challenges
• Play the Sigo challenges, earn points and make an impact in your group
• Build coalitions, strategize and drive your group to act together
• Personalize your profile and make it fun
• Import your contacts and instantly find your Sigo friends
• Get Sigo alerts when being challenged to play
• Free chat with your friends while deciding together
• Stay connected to your friends and family
• No hidden costs, Sigo is free to chat and interact

Sigo is available for Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich or above and the developer plans to bring it to iOS in the near future. You can check out their website for more details and the App is available to download now from the Play Store.

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