Quiz fans across the globe can now test their trivia knowledge on the QuizFortune App which includes over 100,000 brain teasers.

Vincent Rainey, a quizmaster with 30 years experience, came up with the idea for the App which has been developed over the last two years at the company’s headquarters in Belfast. The App poses over 100,000 challenging questions across 700 topics from ABBA to zoology, animation to ZZ Top, suitable for all ages and abilities.

QuizFortune’s initial investment came from friends, family and local angel investors. The App is now set to compete with some of the world’s largest trivia apps over the coming weeks and months.

The platform has the ability to:

• Enable contributors to author content anywhere in the world

• Curate, quality check, store and rapidly deploy question-and-answer content into apps

• Serve fun, engaging quizzes to mobile devices anywhere, anytime

• Measure and monitor player performance and deliver detailed stats about game play

• Create ‘Quiz Rooms’, a personal way for players to host short, competitive quizzes with leader boards for their online friends.

The app allows friends to compete with one another and issue challenges via Facebook on their favourite subjects.

I have always known that playing quizzes gets people hooked. It’s just so natural for people to challenge themselves and their friends. It’s great to see people having fun while at the same time extending their knowledge,” says QuizFortune founder Vincent Rainey.

The QuizForune App is available to download now for free in the App Store

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