Launched to the public in September 2013, Quotefish has spent 4 years perfecting the best way to digitally connect people with local businesses, saving them time and money and are committed to sharing connections between local businesses and local customers globally.

The aim of their website is to allow anyone to easily obtain quotes from and give work to reliable local businesses on one platform, resulting in happier customers and better business, whatever their locality.

We caught up with the company’s founder, Simon Chapman, to find out more about this new service.


Q1 Hi Simon. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Can you tell us a little about your company and what service it provides?

Quotefish is a ‘hyper-local’ social marketplace that builds local economies by digitally connecting local businesses with their communities.

Like all marketplaces, Quotefish has two types of user – those with a product or service to sell, and those who require said products or services.

Likewise, Quotefish solves two real world problems:

  1. How do I easily get prices from local businesses?

  2. As a business, how do I get more customers?

For the individual, getting a price from a local business no longer means picking up the phone and calling numerous local businesses, only to be greeted with disinterest, bad manners, or worst of all, an unanswered phone.

Now you can just enter what you require into a short simple form for free, and have it instantly emailed to interested local businesses. Perfect if you’re getting married, moving house, doing home improvements or having a party. Just a few minutes filling out a few forms could save you a lot of time and money.

For businesses, Quotefish instantly delivers local, qualified leads (an individual who has taken a positive action to indicate genuine interest in a given type of offer) to their inbox.

Sales are essential to every business’ success, whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a long time. Quotefish delivers a constant stream of potential sales, allowing you to decide on which ones you want to act on.

Q2 How much does the service cost?

If you are looking for a price or a local service, it is completely free.

If you are a business, it is free to register and receive the work alert emails. Businesses then use credits if they decide to quote on the work and receive the individual’s contact details. A credit is worth €1 and businesses are given 10 free credits on joining to try us out.

They can then be purchased in packages of 10, 20 or 50. Depending on the budget for the job set by the individual, receiving their contact details will either cost 2, 5 or 10 credits.

We also offer a business validation system where businesses can forward us their business credentials which we validate, then badge their profile badge and emails with a large ‘Validated’ graphic, all for €100.

We have made every effort to make our business model as affordable as possible for small businesses to find value in what we offer.

Q3 How have things been going for you since you launched?

Best Start up using Digital sponcered by AIB presented to Simon Chapman

We launched in September last year, and was instantly awarded the Wicklow Business Chamber, Most Innovative Business Runner Up Award, in October we were a semi-finalist for the Real-Ex Web Awards ,Best New Web Application / Service.

In November we were shortlisted for Eircom Spiders Digital Startup Award, and December nominated for the Samsung DMAs Best Start-up Using Digital Award, winning it just last week.

Besides the awards, we have grown to over 300 registered users across 9 countries, of the biggest being Ireland, the UK and USA and since December we have been doubling new registrations every month.

Q4 How many employees do you have now?

We have three full time staff (including myself), two advisors and four mentors, all of whom play a regular active role in our development. We will soon be looking to increase our team substantially.

Q5 What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to expand into other markets?

We’ve designed Quotefish to be easily accessible no matter where in the world you live or do business, whether it be the towns and villages of Ireland, the UK, Europe or Asia, or the suburbs and cities of the US and Australia. Quotefish has the ability to reach almost everywhere.

Right now we are working on building our user base and keeping our existing users content.

We are a bootstrapped businesses and every penny counts, so growth hacking is my current mission while the team improves the user experience. Our long term goal is to provide support to local communities by making the connection between individuals and local businesses seamless and painless.

This year we want to go beyond our targets and goals. We want to reach 100,000 users on, build and launch our mobile application and use it to expand globally. We also want to make Quotefish a really simple, useful platform for people to engage with local businesses – something they want to use regularly.

Q6 Can you tell us a bit more about your journey to this point?

Back in Sydney, Australia in 2005, I met a beautiful Irish girl. We married in 2007 and two years later she was homesick, so we packed up and moved to her family home in Ireland ignorant to the fact it was in the middle of a recession.

Even though I had spent 20+ years contracting for multinational advertising agencies as an Art Director, I found it incredibly difficult to get work (full time, freelance or contract) so looked online for a solution – somewhere where I could find, quote on and do work for people who needed my services.

When I found that no such online marketplace existed in Ireland, I decided to create it. After two children, a cancer scare, moving from Dublin to Wicklow, and a lot of hard work, it finally happened.

In September 2013, we launched Quotefish to the public and within three months had delivered thousands of Euros of local work to hundreds of local businesses. We had received our first revenue and have been nominated for four awards, winning the Samsung Digital Marketing Awards ‘Best Startup’ on Friday 21st February 2014.

Q7 What’s the best way for people to get  in contact with you?

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +353 85 149 1888

Twitter: @thequotefish




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