Samsung has started to send out invites today for their “Unpacked” event in New York where they will announce the Galaxy S4. True to form of late with rumours, the date proved to be true.

The usual rumours of course surround the S4, with talk of a 1080p AMOLED screen, 2 GB’s of RAM, and a bigger, better faster, more processor the main suspects.

We have seen what Sony has to offer with the Xperia Z and seen HTC step up to the mark with the release of the “One” but in truth, many people are anxiously waiting to see what Samsung has up it’s sleeve. The S3 has dominated the Android scene since it was announced, mainly because of the complete set of features it has on offer, so the expectation levels for the next version are rightly quiet high.

The Android world waits……

Unpacked 2013

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