UPC today removed the download caps from their broadband and bundle offerings. There has been a traditional 500GB fair usage policy cap on most plans and while 500GB’s is still very generous compared to their competition, it is nice to see these limits being removed completely.

For many people in the country having a connection fast enough to achieve downloading 500GB’s in a month would be more important but those who are used to fiber connections will appreciate just how easy it is to consume huge amounts of data with services like Spotify and Netflix becoming the norm.

UPC claims only a few customers ever exceed 500GB’s in a month but believe customers are more likely to utilise such allowances if they knew there were no limits.

To balance things out and for customers who do consume a small amount each month, UPC have introduced a new, entry level “Tripple Play” bundle for €59 per month which includes TV, Phone and 50Mb broadband with a 10GB download limit.



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