Over the last few days we’ve started to see a leaked ROM for the Galaxy SIII appear based on Android 4.2.1.

The leaked ROM can be flashed as is but it is also appearing in custom ROMs such as Omega

According to Sam Mobile, who originally leaked the ROM, these are improvements you can expect to see:

  •  Android 4.2.1 – JOP40D
  •  Improved Ripple effect on Lockscreen
  •  New Android 4.2.1 Lockscreen with widgets
  •  Daydream (Settings>Display)
  •  New Additions in Notification Center
  •  Notifications are more actionable
  •  Voice Command (Let’s you control various parts of the phone using voice commands)

We’ll be installing it soon and will update then. Lock screen widgets on their own should make this a worthwhile update.

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