We are constantly told how important it is to get a good night of sleep, of course that is easier said than done and we end up more often than not tossing and turning in the middle of the night and telling ourselves, “just a few more minutes” until we wake up. There are an ever increasing amount of fitness trackers and apps that promise to track our night sleep and now Runtastic have entered the market.

Runtastic has an impressive portfolio of health-centric apps for different types of exercise and workouts. They even have their own wearable, the Runtastic Orbit which first introduced sleep-tracking to the Runtastic repertoire. Now they want to branch the sleep tracking service out into a stand alone app which works by being place on the mattress beside you as you sleep. The app will gather and display data on your sleeping habits each night.

The app does it all by itself, you simply activate a sleep session before falling asleep to tell the app you want it to start tracking. Using algorithms which they have tweaked and experimented with while working with sleep labs, they claim they can accurately track your night sleep.

Sleep better offers deep insights into your night of sleep and will break your night up into various sleep states such as light sleep, deep sleep and time when you are awake. You can also explore your sleep efficiency over time and it all comes with gorgeous graphical representations, charts and data points.

You can also select events during the day that may affect your sleep such as a stressful day, alcohol consumption at night, caffeine late in the day ect.



Sleep better also has a smart alarm system which works with the sleep cycle and the sleep tracker to wake you up at the optimum time in the morning. Set the alarm and choose a wake up window, Sleep Better will now wake you up at what it deems to be the optimum time in this window according to the sleep tracking data that it is collecting.

There are also a wide variety of alarm sounds to choose from, up to 30 different types of noises and tones so you don’t have to wake up to an irritating buzzing sound.



I do have doubts abou the accuracy of the app – it does seem impossible for a phone to provide such in depth accurate readings just from sitting on a mattress next to you overnight. Sleep labs use extensive diagnostic equipment connected to people as they sleep to collect some of the data like this so it is hard to imagine an app doing it.

However it is interesting data none the less and while there may be doubts about accuracy there is some level of accurate data present. It also integrates with Apple’s HealthKit too. You can download it today on the App Store and it is well worth a go, especially for anyone into health and in particular sleep tracking.

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