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Twitter has always assured its investors that there is a plan in place heading forward into the future but up to now the details of that plan have not been disclosed to the public. However, now we know that Twitter has big plans for 2015 and as a self confessed Twitter nerd…I am excited.

First off, Twitter is going to try to make it easier and more appealing for first timers to sign up to the social network. A new feature called ‘Instant Timeline’ will allow first time tweeters to pick from categories such as sport, TV and technology. They will then be shown a sample feed of some tweets so that they can see if people would be interesting to follow in that particular genre.

For current users, a new ‘Timeline Highlights’ section will be revealed and will display popular tweets that were sent while you were not on Twitter. This will live above the chronological live feed which many of us were afraid Twitter were going to mess around with too much. Live tweets are a huge part of the appeal of Twitter so it is wise for them to split the feed and create a highlights section instead of mingling it in with the chronological feed.

Twitter is also making big improvements to messaging, an area which they are quickly falling behind on. They realise the importance of messages and you will be able to send public tweets to other users in direct messages to discuss privately. There is also plans to revamp the landing pages to make them appear more appealing to new users.

Finally, Twitter will support shooting and uploading videos directly from within the Twitter app. In addition to these changes, Twitter has also said there will be more independent stand alone apps released next year. Twitter has not specified what these apps may be however it would be possible that given the success of Facebook splitting their messaging app, Twitter may do something similar.

The plans for 2015 seem to please Wall Street as the stock climbed more than 7% in midday trading on Wednesday following the announcement.

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