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Snapchat is the third most popular social network among millennials. The self destructing messaging app is so popular that Facebook have been experimenting with their own self destructing messages so that they can get in on the action as well.

A new app is being launched today which aims to help Snapchat users find great new Snapchat stories without cluttering up the main Snapchat app. Peek enables users to discover and follow all of the top content from Snapchat creators.

For the first time ever people will be able to share and watch archived Snapchat stories from top creators. Users can add as many Snapchat content creators as they like by using Peek without having to worry about clustering their Snapchat stories feed. So why would we need or even want to do this? Why not keep it all in the same place?

Well think of it this way, you can use your Snapchat for your friends and use Peek to follow all those content creators you want to keep informed on.

I have been using the beta for the past couple of days, lets have a look at what you will see when you use the app.

The main section of the app when you launch it will be the discovery tab, here you can explore the different categories as seen below and discover new Snapchatters and see their Snapchat stories.


Jumping into one of the categories you will see different Snapchatters and their stories, simply pressing on one of the stories will open it up. The great thing is that the app archives the stories so you can go back and watch them again which is an option not available on the main Snapchat app.

When you open a Snapchat story, using the star at the top next to the user name will allow you to follow that person in your Peek feed. You can also bring up a share sheet from the bottom of a Snapchat story which will allow you the options of sharing that story to different channels such as Messenger or publicly on Facebook.



To the right of the discover tab we have a list of who you are following in the Peek app. On the right there is a feed of those people who you have decided to follow on the Peek app which shows their Snapchat stories. You can also search and add Snapchatters who you may not find as being featured in the app.



Peek is a great app for Snapchat discovery and for revisiting old Snapchat stories that you can not access on the main Snapchat app. The Peek team is made up of four members.

Jacob Catalano – Founder
Matt Saunders – Founder
Andrew Cichocki – Engineer
Margarita Eliart – Growth

You can download the Peek app later today from the App Store, for both Snapchat users and new Snapchatters this is definitely a must have app for discovery and finding great new Snapchat content.

You can download Peek at the App Store link below.

Download Peek App

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