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The Web Summit 2015 has come and gone amid fanfare and flash of geniuses and sadly a farewell to Dublin, its place of birth and host city in the last 5 years but the memory stays with us and hopefully we’ll have a go again soon. 

The event played host to many great, well established Unicorns and VC’s in the Tech World and the presence of which excites most of the attendees but we cannot talk about the success of the Summit without giving credit to those brave startups.


Three days may seem a long time for a conference but with 2,141 Startups exhibiting and many interesting and innovative companies at every 3 feet of over 5 kilometers it certainly makes you wonder about the power of the human achievement.

We saw many interesting startups coming from all over the world, however our own island of Ireland did not disappoint in presenting its best. ‘Bizimply’ with their software that makes scheduling and attendance for businesses simple to manage which won the ESB Spark of Genius Award for the best Ireland’s startup.

If you think the Startup initiation is a hype, then you need to rethink why money is chasing startups. VC’s are backing great ideas and teams more readily than banks are backing bricks and mortar corner shops. With 1,000 investors from the world leading funds represented at the Web Summit 2015 this is serious!

Interestingly, some countries backed their Startups at the Web Summit and led the delegation of innovators to exhibit using the conference as a platform to promote indigenous Startup ideas and also their country as a place to do business.

This included: Belgium, Germany, USA, Egypt, Slovakia, France

Some Interesting Startups

uav – Belgium

The amount of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, is increasing significantly. Along with this increased amount of UAVs, questions, concerns and issues concerning safety pop up. Airobot tackles these safety demands by providing intelligent safety components, specifically designed for drones.


Camara – Ireland

Using technology to deliver 21st century skills, and as such improve education in disadvantaged communities around the world. Pathway to breaking the cycle of poverty. – Germany

We are the software solution for your referral marketing campaigns turning users into brand ambassadors. We manage the reward-process between you and your customers.

We verify that your customers have really shared your brand with their friends and make sure that they get the promised reward for it.

A ‘Pay with a Tweet’- campaign is easily implemented on your website and the user experience is quick, simple and safe! – Germany

Select one of our many animated characters to fit your mood and express how you really feel.

Record your message and let Zoobe match the character’s animation to your voice. Within seconds, your unique character voice message is ready to send

Sharing your Zoobe message is simple and fast. The app connects you to the world’s leading messaging and social media platforms.– India

A social network for connected devices. Each device will have a device owner, request and choose with whom you want to share your data.

From sensors and actuators to a cloud platform, then to multiple intuitive dashboards and back. We collect data we store data, and we help you analyze data with intelligent reports. – Nigeria and UK

Nollywood Movie streaming.

The Okiki App comes with innovative features that makes and also takes movie streaming to the next phase of how we watch movies in the social digital age.

Create your social page to give a better connection to your favourite movie stars and studios we have on the platform.

Experience a Live Video chat, live instant messaging with an exclusive insight information to coming soon movies straight from the mouth of movie makers! – Saudi Arabia

The Social Clinic is Saudi Arabia’s first ever social business consultancy and social media agency.

Established in late 2011 in Jeddah, The Social Clinic brings together a pool of multi disciplinary talents who speak 5 languages and come from 4 different geographies with diverse backgrounds being consultants, designers, developers, writers, producers, or strategists.

Our clients, leaders in their own industries, vary from consumer electronics to fashion, FMCG, automotive, NPOs & NGOs, beverages, hospitality & catering, finance & banking. We leverage our clients’ communication and support their marketing activities in achieving a local, regional, & global footprint. – Vietnam

Connecting businesses around the world with verified manufacturers in Vietnam.

Low cost and high standard guaranteed. – Mexico

Sprouders® is the digital platform for fresh produce trading to find the best fruits and vegetables, make direct orders, check the terminal market prices and read the latest agricultural news.

Find the best growers and fresh produce farmers around the world make direct purchase orders from your Sprouders® mobile app or website, and get the best prices buying directly to growers. – Canada

Capturing family stories should be this easy.

A time capsule to record and store your family life securely for the future generation. – Egypt

SaaS indoor maps for malls, exhibitions, airports, and museums.

With indoor positioning, smart analytics, and contextual push messages. Tagipedia is a software development company headquartered in Egypt. The company offers its unique Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in addition to mobile and web application development and outsourcing services. – Egypt

Since its establishment, ITIDA’s core ideology was: “Spearheading the development of Egypt`s

ICT industry to increase its global competitiveness, which will make it a key contributor to the country economic growth”. – France

All your brochures, videos, photos to your centralized application and categorized to properly guide your visitors. Keep all your documents up to date, available at any time during your event. The interface is available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Spanish and Chinese. – Sweden

We help forward-thinking clients create new services and products for people. Profound curiosity and an eagerness to make a difference fuels us to take on the next big challenge. Ultimately, at Topp you’ll get a cross-competent team, who share a common ability to take a real problem, cut through hype, and create something meaningful.

Real Funds UK

We are a peer-to-peer lending platform for small and medium-sized house builders. Real Funds is disrupting the real estate industry by providing alternative capital to small-to-medium house builders, creating competition, for more, and the right kind of housing supply.

So much for startups and innovative game changers, but before you think you have the next big idea that will transform the world, make sure you do a thorough research of what is out there because you don’t want to end up chasing the wind.

See you in Lisbon 2016!

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or @SimonCocking

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