Suicide or Survive (SOS), the Irish charity focused on breaking down the stigma associated with mental health and suicide has launched its new range of Christmas cards for the festive season. The cards which are on sale now, not only serve as a means to raise much needed funds for the charitable organisation, but it is also hoped that they will help raise awareness of mental health issues, and send a message of compassion and kindness to all who receive them this Christmas.

Commenting, Caroline McGuigan, CEO Suicide or Survive (SOS) said, “Christmas is a time when we show those closest to us how much we care, it’s a time for family and a time of giving. It can be really magical and special, but it isn’t like this for everyone. Many people will feel very alone this Christmas, and it might only be amplified by everyone else’s festiveness and cheer. So we encourage everyone to consider reaching out to as many people as possible this Christmas, it’s important to show people that you care. Sending a Christmas card, although a very simple act, can be very effective as it reminds people that you’re thinking of them.”

“I love that feeling of finding the envelope at my letter box, trying to figure out from the writing who it is from, then opening the envelope, taking out the card and then that moment when you discover that you are on their heart and mind. Amazingly  no matter where they are in the world that simple card connects you”

Ms McGuigan continued, “At SOS we hope our Christmas cards will go a long way to bringing many people together this Christmas. We also hope that they will help contribute to more conversations about mental health and suicide and that in 2016, we’ll be one step closer to a society where every person understands their own mental health, where stigma has been replaced by a deep respect for the mental health of others – at SOS this is our wish this Christmas.”

A pack of 10 SOS cards costs €6 or two packs for €10. To get your pack please contact the SOS team by email at [email protected] or by phone 1890 577 577 to place an order. All proceeds from the cards will go directly into running SOS programmes throughout the country.

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