Released in early October 2013, ParkMagic is a very handy free app for those of us that use both on-street parking and Q-Park car parks.

 On-Street services available:
  • Limerick City
  • Cork City
  • Sligo Regional Hospital and James Connolly Memorial Hospital (ECP)
  • Phoenix Park Rail Station (APCOA)
 Airport Car Park Reservations:
  • Quick Park, Dublin Airport
  • Airport View, Cork Airport
 City Parking Reservations:
  • Selected Q-Park car parks in Ireland
  • Selected Q-Park car parks in Great Britain

I have used ParkMagic since it came out a few years ago, register at , order a bar code sticker that you attach inside your car windscreen. When this is delivered just add credit to your account and you are ready to go. No need for parking discs! Up to now users had to ring an 0818 number and enter the parking zone number but with the new app you can just scan the QR Code, with the built in scanner, on each parking sign or select your parking location from a built in list.

A nice bonus for Limerick and Cork users is 5% rebate of all parking costs when using the app!

I think this is a great app and can see myself using it a lot, my only fault with the app is the absence of a reminder for when your time is running out. If you phone-in your parking zone you are prompted to accept a text reminder so hopefully this will be in a future update?

The app also includes a facility to order Toll Tags and manage your Tolling account.

ParkMagic 1

ParkMagic 2


Download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad here

Download from Google Play Store here


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